about us

Ruhr Valley was created by the Hommertzheim family based on a singular mission statement: to establish the standard of high-end residential construction, by which all others will be measured.  This ambitious principle, uncompromised, is our driving force, exemplified by each and every member of the Ruhr Valley family.  “Pride of craft” is implicit at every level.

Working with numerous clients in most of the great neighborhoods of Denver, we have learned to build not only beautifully, but efficiently.  We understand the relationships a builder must have with the city of Denver and work to create lasting friendships with all those involved.  

Ambitious scheduling requirements are met, costs are managed and the daily challenges particular to our industry are embraced.  We create solutions and honor our commitments.

The lasting relationships we have with clients, architects, subcontractors and craftspeople is our mainstay.  Our projects are run with precision, but also with complete respect for everyone involved.  Our family extends beyond our name, to those around us, helping every project feel like a meeting of friends instead of a job site.  With this approach, our goals are met and our standards endure.