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The Hommertzheim family created Ruhr Valley with a mission to help our clients realize their most perfect home. Design and construction should blend to create utility, comfort, and pride in seeing your vision come to fruition.   This key understanding is at the heart of Ruhr Valley.

All Ruhr Valley members understand that a project is more than blueprints, material and labor.  

A complete project includes a design that fits the client's specific needs, cleanliness,  minimal disruption, proper scheduling, easy communication between client and contractor, and perhaps the most important aspect, and the promise that the client understands the project.

This complete project is best facilitated by a manager fully committed to you and your home.  We will be physically present and available at the site to answer questions and prepare you for the next step in the process.

Your perfect home is the goal, Ruhr Valley will help you get there.



Ruhr Valley GC is the exclusive custom builder for H3 Traditional Homes, Denver's premier residential construction company